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Official code repository for the paper "MSG-GAN: Multi-Scale Gradients for Generative Adversarial Networks" [ArXiv]

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PyTorch implementation of [MSG-GAN]

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Text-to-Face generation using Deep Learning. This project combines two of the recent architectures StackGAN and ProGAN for synthesizing faces from textual descriptions. The project uses Face2Text dataset which contains 400 facial images and textual captions for each of them. The data can be obtained by contacting either the RIVAL group or the authors of the aforementioned paper.

Pro-GAN PyTorch (pip package)
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Package contains implementation of ProGAN. Paper titled "Progressive growing of GANs for improved Quality, Stability, and Variation".
link ->
Trained Examples at ->

Variational Discriminator Bottleneck (VGAN & VGAN-GP) implementation
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Implementation (with some experimentation) of the paper titled VARIATIONAL DISCRIMINATOR BOTTLENECK: IMPROVING IMITATION LEARNING, INVERSE RL, AND GANS BY CONSTRAINING INFORMATION FLOW (arxiv -> ) Implementation uses the PyTorch framework.

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A variant of the Self Attention GAN named: FAGAN (Full Attention GAN). The architecture of this gan contains the full attention layer as proposed in this project. The project uses package named attn-gan-pytorch created by me, which is available at

Attention-GAN PyTorch (pip package)
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python package for self-attention gan implemented as extension of PyTorch nn.Module. paper -> Also includes generic layers for image based attention mechanism. Includes a Full-Attention layer as proposed by in another project of mine called FAGAN.

Indian celeb gans
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Various GANs trained on a medium sized dataset containing images of Indian Celebrities which was procured by me.

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pytorch implementation of the paper -> . Uses my package called attn_gan_pytorch.

SAAWG-AGID web portal

An information and membership form collection portal for the organisation named "South Asian Association of Women Geoscientists" (SAAWG). Usage of Play framework for Scala for micro-services development and AngularJS for front-end.

Web-Development Bootstrap & AngularJS
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Repository for completing the projects for the Single Page Web Development with AngularJS coursera course. All the Projects have been nicely styled using Bootstrap CSS framework.

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